The marketplace of sound

Next gen NFT music

Imagine you can buy, sell and invest in a music, sound effect, a voice that is minted into blockchain. Soundtrack NFTs can’t be dublicated and an owner of NFT has full rights for the soundtrack. Mysic is giving everyone a opportunity for everyone to buy and sell their art through NFT marketplace. There will be different types of NFTs listed in our marketplace. Simple ones we call them sNFT that are simple sound NFT that you can buy and sell and there will be dividend NFTs dNFT that gives owner or part owner rights to get paid for people listening your music or using your sound effect
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Take part in a revolution and invest in $MUSIC available on pancakeswap and poocoin

What is $MYSIC and how we change music industry?

Mysic is cryptocurrency token launched in Binance Smart Chain, we are changing the way artists and investors can value their creations, making it possible to store value in blockchain. Buy, sell and store your sound piece as a NFT. You can sell your sound piece like any other NFT. Mysic is where you can invest in songs you like. Anyone can invest in music NFTs.


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